Doc Sols App and Portal?

How does it work?

Digitally Scanned and Customised Orthotic Insoles with a complete Workflow Platform.

Doc Sols App will guide you with your patient through 6 easy steps.

Identify any areas of pain or concern with your Patient.

The DSet software will analyse the data and allow you to Communicate the findings with your Patient.

Once Approved Doc Sols Customised Orthotics Insoles will be delivered to you Clinic.

Imput the Patient Information
Scan and Capture Data
Data is transferred to the Podiatrist Portal
Dset software reads the data
Check the findings for your patient
Open the DocSols Portal
Scan, Design and Prescription Proposals
DSet software Calcuates the data
Share the findings with your patient
DocSols Portal Communications platform
Images, Drawings and Proposal Prescription
DSet software Provides an Intuitive Patient Experience
Submit your order
Docsols Portal and Despatch
Submit or Adjust Proposals prior to Order.
DSet software allows you to adjust the Proposals before submitting Approvals.

What are Doc Sols?

Doc Sols is not just an effective remedy to many conditions including:

Heel Spurs, Sore Arches, Shin Splints, Achilles Pain, Lower Back Pain, Foot Pain.

If suffering from any of the above mentioned conditions – Doc Sols Customised Orthotics will get you back on your feet doing what you love the most.

Here at Doc Sols we believe the comfort and health of your two feet is our priority

Realign foot and low leg posture

Doc Sols personalised insoles are customised shells prescribed to realign the posture of your feet and lower legs.

Specifically fitted to both left and right feet

Doc Sols are manufactured with specific right and left feet prescription inlays. This is a huge benefit over generic symmetric insoles that can’t be customised to suit your individual requirements.

Reduce muscle fatigue and joint stress to feel more comfortable

By wearing customised Doc Sols insoles your feet will be supported, meaning less muscle fatigue and joint stress. Leaving your feet as comfortable as ever and your overall posture at its best.