Our Mission
To provide unique comfortable custom foot orthoses to the global village via the use of technology. With an innate understanding of foot anatomy and function we can guarantee our end consumer complete satisfaction with our product. Customer satisfaction will always be the hallmark of our success as a company.
Always has. Always will.

Doc Sols is an Australian based company with a primary focus of manufacturing 3D custom foot orthotics using state-of-the-art innovative artificial intelligence to interpret foot analysis data.

The artificial intelligence software also known as DSet (Doc Sols eye technology) has been purposely designed for this application and is presently going through patent registration. 

The company has invested in user-friendly technology to create an interface which enables the clinician to facilitate the scan capture, diagnose and manufacture the required custom foot orthoses. This interface platform can be utilised by using any phone/tablet.

Doc Sols are able to dispense specific foot to foot prescriptions making the company uniquely placed in the global orthotic manufacturing space. The company has infrastructure ( EOS Additive Manufacturing) that will allow seamless application to each stage of production allowing devices to be on- forwarded within 10 days.