Science Behind It?

With the help of DSet (Doc Sols eye technology) our artificial intelligent software will allow computer technology to read and interpret biomechanical measurements through the use of complex algorithms inbuilt in our technology.

Standing Calcaneal Position

The initial step for our process involves the bisection of your posterior heel bone. The measurement taken by DSet will enable our team to produce a functional custom insole that both suits your rear foot with intricate detail and ensures that the comfortability of your posterior foot is maximised.

Double Stance Squat Position

The second step in our process involves obtaining the measurement of your ankle range through a double stance squat position. From this, a measurable determinant will be forged by comparing your standard relaxed calcaneal position to your double stance squat position. The pathway of care to the patient will vary depending on the degree of difference between these two measurements.

Single Stance Long Arch Architecture/Profile

The third step in our process involves finding the anatomical architecture and profile of the medial longitudinal arch. We have determined four key landmarks that represent your unique dynamic profile of your medial longitudinal arch. As a result of this, the precise measurements gathered through our DSet technology will be vital in creating a pair of custom insoles designed and adapted to your feets needs.

Single Stance Long Arch Architecture/Profile when first metatarsal phalangeal joint is in end range flexion.

Through the comparison of medial longitudinal arch profile lengths and single stance toe flexion, DSet will determine this difference and allow appropriate prescription allowances to ensure that the first metatarsal phalangeal joint is unimpeded and protected to optimise both foot function and foot comfortability.  

Finishing Touch

This biomechanical process allows systems driven process to apply in additive manufacturing of your unique 3-D custom functional foot insole.